Avenues is a premium residential layout, which will offer its residents a living experience of a different kind. As part of Senart city, Avenues is being built as French themed town on a 36 acre land containing expansive Villa plots only for the premium craved citizens used to living abroad. This will house wide expansive International qulaity roads with Cycling, Jog tracks & designed pedestrain pathways along with multi themed landscaped parks, large number of pools & water-bodies. Booking are currently open for select few.

Know how your “Luxury Villa” is shaping up,

Aesthetically built, and named after a famous French City, Senart City has become the prized destination for Bangaloreans. And Senart City’s Avnue is yet another marvel from the house of S2 Homes. S2 Avenues offers premium villas for those with a distinct taste.Approximately with 310+ villas, Avenues is located with in 3 sectors of Senart City offering different form of residential options per sector and varying different levels of views over the green courses and adjoining a natural lake forest of 40 acres. Each measuring from 2250 sq ft up to 3000 sq ft, Avenues lets its residents stay in the lap of luxury, with the comfort of expansive 3-5 bedrooms, surrounded a green course and a pool. These villas will be the ultimate in ultra modern residences when completed they will stand out as ‘the place’ to live in. Starting at a price range of Rs. 99 lacs, Avenue is perfectly located between Electronic city & White field belt and the upcoming Infosys 250 acre SEZ, other upcoming malls & large projects by reputed builders.

Go ahead, seize tis opportunity to book a home that’s more luxurious in every sense.


  • 40ft wide main road with 5ft pavement on both sides and 30ft interior road with 2 ft of Mexican grass pavement on both sides.

  • Avenue trees on all roads.

  • Go Green Initiative – Solar Power Lights on all Roads

  • Underground cabling to each plot.

  • Underground water supply point to each plot.

  • Saucer Drain systems on all roads.

  • Go Green Initiative – Rain water harvesting system pots for every 150 ft to increase ground water level on all 30 ft roads.

  • Underground sanitary connection point to each plot.

  • 12.58% reserved for parks & Children play area.

  • 45% open area thereby giving more breathing space.

  • Access to Avantikaa Club House with all amenities on membership basis

  • Large children play ground

Project Highlights:


  • Quality Roads
    Avenues comes with RMC mixed Concrete roads, which are double in price than bitumen TAR roads
  • Drains
    Covered, Concrete Drains: Storm water drains on all roads, including side roads.


  • Modern Street Lights
    Comparable with the best.
  • Power Cabling
    Under Ground Power cable to each & every plot


  • Sprinkler Systems
    So the layout lawns will remain green forever.
  • English County Outlook
    Avenues comes with Christmas Palm Trees (samples on display).
  • Children Play area
    Avenues is bestowed with good children’s play area & playground, unlike other layouts in the vicinity.
  • Pathways & Landscaping
    All roads will have pathways & landscaping with sprinklers to give rich look.
  • Welcome Arch
    Avenues will have a magnificent entrance arch.


  • Permanent site management office
    To ensure proper delivery and maintenance of property, a site office will function even after the handover
  • Sewage Treatment Plant
    Operational with high-end machines along with an RCC room.
  • Higher Ground Level
    This will ensure no water logging during heavy rain, unlike other layouts in the vicinity.
  • High Wall Security
    The layout comes with 7 feet rised compound wall, all across with 24*7 security
  • Complete Maintenance
    Maintenance of all parks, cleaning of roads & protection of all material will be done by us


  • Underground water supply point to each plot.
  • Overhead tanks and sumps for storage of precious water
  • Rainwater harvesting & sewage treatment walls

Landscaped Footpaths and Pavements

Footpath’s that are not only pleasing on the eye, but also safe to walk on. Beautifully designed keeping in mind aesthetics and convenience. Making your surroundings beautiful and safe.

Christmas Plant

Beautiful Christmas and palm trees dot the avenues and roads to give your surroundings a much needed green addition, along with bringing in a European feel. They not only beautify your surroundings, but also help in keeping the environment clean.

High Grade Sanitary Lines

High grade sanitary lines that are built to last and carry out the waste more efficiently so that you don’t have to worry about them anymore. These lines are more durable and are of a much higher quality than the sanitary lines which are used elsewhere.

Large Overhead Tank

A larger overhead tank, so that you no longer have to worry about water running out. Leave your worries about water at your previous home. At S2 homes, we will take care of it with our dedicated overhead tank.

Entrance Arch

First impression is the last impression…and we are making sure that your first impression is one that you won’t ever forget. The moment you reach S2 homes, you are greeted by an imposing and beautiful arch which is beautifully designed to make sure your address stands out.

Highrise Guarded Compound Wall

Your safety is of paramount importance…and we are taking care of it by surrounding your abode with a highrising guard compound wall which will safeguard yours, and your dear ones safety.

Concrete roads

Build for your safety, concrete roads are as safe as it gets. These roads prevent your tires from skidding and keep your family safe. Also, being more durable, potholes and cracks are rare. Enjoy the rainy seasons without worrying about the roads cracking up.

Rain water harvesting

Ensuring that you never run out of water supply, we harvest rain water as homage to Mother Nature. This reduces dependence on ground water and makes the community a healthier place.

Sewage treatment plant

Making the environment a healthier place, we ensure that the waste water never goes untreated. This controls and removes any disease causing agents from the waste waters and makes it re-usable. You deserve a cleaner Earth.

Landscaped park and play area

We want the future of our nation to grow up laughing and playing in a natural and safe environment. Give your child the freshness they deserve and watch them grow up unhindered and free.

Concrete rain water storm drains

Gone are the days when rain water would accumulate on sidewalks and parking lots. The concrete storm drains are designed to drain excess rain water. We ensure cleaner and fresher roads, no matter how bad the weather gets.

Underground Electricity

Underground electricity, with no wires or poles obstructing your beautiful view of the scenery. There are no visible wires in the whole locality. No more worrying about the electricity wires, come rain, hail or snow.

In the midst of Nature

The whole locality is enveloped by refreshing greenery and landscapes that will transport you away from the hustle and bustle of city life into the laps of nature. Green surroundings that are a sight for sore eyes which are used to concrete jungles.